Why we need Vitamin E

Why do I need Vitamin E?

*Aging Retardation

*Aids Fertility

*Anti-clotting factor


*Blood Flow to Heart

*Capillary Wall Strengthening



*Lung Protection

How can I get Vitamin E through my diet?


*Dark Green Vegetables




*Highest: Corn Oils-1 TBSP- 14 MG

*Almonds- 1 cup- 21 MG

*Brown Rice- 3/4 Cup- 2 1/2 MG

What can I give my kiddos with Vitamin E?

*Cook with butter or oil, which is a super easy way to get this in their diet

*Cook with butter, and make scramble eggs

*fruit, nuts, vitamin E is pretty easy to get in, without your kiddos being too picky!

How do I know I need Vitamin E?

*Hair is dry, dull or falling out

*Enlarged Prostate Gland

*G.I. Disease

*Heart Disease



*Muscle Weakness


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