What does Vitamin B6 do for my body?

What does Vitamin B6 do for my body?

*Helps with carbohydrate absorption  

*Fat and protein utilization (aka weight control)

*HCL production

*Magnesium and linoleic acid function

*Potassium/Sodium balance (nerve function)

*Tryptophan conversion

How can I get Vitamin B6 in my diet?








*Soy Beans


*trout and

*blueberries -the two highest B6 foods

What can I give my kiddos to get B6 in their diets?

*Try blueberries in yogurt, or throw them into a fruit smoothie

*Peanut butter and bananas are an excellent snack, and often are a kid’s favorite

*Mix up raisins, and nuts and make a trail mix for something the kids can snack on

How do I know I need Vitamin B6?


*Appetite Loss



*Hair Loss

*Nervous Disorders

*Learning Disabilities

*Sore Lips and Tongue

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