What about Vitamin B12?

What does Vitamin B12 do for me/do for my body?

*Healthy Nervous System

*Iron Absorption

*Metabolism (carbohydrate, fat, protein)

*Cell Longevity

*Healthy Appetite

How can I get Vitamin B12 in my diet?





*Milk and milk products: Cottage cheese is an excellent source of B12

*Beef Liver and

*trout- (the last two mentioned have the greatest amount of B12 for food sources)

What can I give my kiddos to get B12 in their diets?

*Cottage chess goes great into a good dip recipe, with chips or crackers, or add fruit with cottage cheese

*Whip up doe scrambled eggs and add some milk to make them more fluffy

*Liver may not sound appetizing, but most kids love fried foods…try frying the liver into small pieces and serving that way!

How do I know I need Vitamin B12?

*Diminished reflex responses


*Depression and Confusion

*Walking and Speaking Difficulties

*Weakness (arms and legs)

*Appetite Loss

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