What about Inositol?

Why do I need inositol in my diet?

*Reduces cholesterol
*Retards hardening of arteries
*Hair growth!
*Lecithin formation

How can I get inositol in my diet?

*citrus fruits
*organ meats
*(top) oranges-400 mg/1 medium orange
*(top) peanuts- 1 cup

What can I do to get my kiddos to get inositol in their diets!?

* PBJ’s- always a crowd pleaser, or use peanuts in a snack mix.. peanuts, raisins or cranberries, other nuts like almonds, and possibly dark chocolate chips for some sweetness
* Orange slices with the peel of course, or cut up oranges and mix into a colorful fruit salad

How do I know I need inositol?

*high cholesterol
*hair loss
*eye abnormalities

Sum…. Like all B vitamins, inositol is so important.  Continue to try to eat the certain foods that these variety of vitamins have in common and you can cover all your b’s 😉

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