Vitamin C

Why do I need Vitamin C?



*Produces Collagen

*Helps with Healing

*Fine Bone and Tooth Formation

*Shock and Infection Resistance (colds)

*Increases Iron Absorption From Food

How can I get Vitamin C through my diet?

*Fresh fruits and vegetables

*(highest)-*Orange Juice 1 Cup 125 mg

-*Broccoli 1 cup 140 mg

-*Peppers 1 cup 100 mg

How can I get my kiddos to get Vitamin C in their diet?

*Smoothies!  -get creative, through some oranges and other fruit, with some yogurt and milk.  Sometimes, even throwing some veggies in there can be disguised.

*Broccoli stir fry- cut up some chicken and finely chop broccoli, so it doesn’t look so scary, most kids actually end up enjoying vegetables as long as it is presented to their liking!

How do I know I need Vitamin C?


*Bleeding Gums

*Shortness of Breath

*Bruise Easily

*Dental Cavities

*Low resistance to colds

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