Time for some Vitamin D

Why do I need Vitamin D?

*Bone Formation

*Nervous System Maintenance

*Skin Respiration

*Normal Blood Clotting

How can I get Vitamin D through my diet?

*sunlight (not through your diet, but through your lifestyle!)

*egg yolks

*organ meats

*highest: Liver- 1/4 lb- 40 IU

*Milk-1 Cup- 100 IU

*Salmon/Tuna canned- 1/4 lb- 400 IU

What can I give my kiddos with Vitamin D?

*Grilled tuna sandwich on whole wheat or gluten free bread.

*eggs with milk to add fluffiness and they are super tasty!

How do I know I need Vitamin D?

*A burning sensation in the mouth and throat



*Poor Metabolism

*Softening of the bones and teeth

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