Low Back Pain?

Do you wake up with an ache or pain starting in your hips or low back?  Or maybe you feel it more as you get up and going or even when you go from sitting for prolonged periods of time?  There are many reasons for this pain and every person is different. However there are a few things you can do at home that will help with this pain or discomfort. 

The first is posture and/or your prolonged body positions. If you are sitting for an extended period of time, this is going to make your muscles tired from holding the same position; it will also train certain muscles to always be stretched or shortened. The result can be long or short-term pain or discomfort. 


  • If sitting for longer than an hour, set a timer and move around or walk around for at least 10 minutes (longer if you are able)
  • If standing for longer than 1 1/2 hours, set a timer and get a tall stool to rest on for at least 10 minutes. 

Ideas for home:

  1. Torso twists:
    You can do this standing or lying on the floor. Lying on the floor, twist side to side with feet flat on the floor or knees bent and feet lifted off the floor. When twisting side to side try to touch the floor on each side after each twist. Repeat this sequence 15 times, 3 sets, or a total of 45 times.

    If standing , keep feet hip width apart. Twist to one side and attempt to touch opposite hip or knee with the opposite hand. So when twisting to the right touch left hand to right hip or knee. Repeat this sequence 15 times, 3 sets or a total of 45 times. 

  2. Knee lifts
    In a standing position lift your right knee to your right side in a twisting motion. Engage your obliques as you pull your knee to your side. You can also do this in a forward motion by extending your arms above your head and pulling your knee to your stomach as you engage you abdominal muscles. Repeat both exercises 15 times, 3 sets.
  3. Squats
    With feet a little more than hip width pull shoulders back and keep back straight. Extend right leg and arms out in front of you. Slowly send hips back and bend left knee to squat towards the floor keeping heel grounded. Repeat this 15 times, 3 sets.

  4. Lunges
    Take right leg forward with knee bent and foot flat on the floor while the other leg is positioned behind. Do 15 times for one leg and then switch to the other leg, 3 sets for each side.

  5. Supermans
    Lying on the ground on your stomach at the same time extend your head, arms and feet off the ground. Hold this position for 5 seconds lower to starting position and then repeat 15 times, 3 sets.
    Note: if extending your head hurts your neck try to keep in a neutral position or a slight flexed position. 

Each of these exercise are aimed at strengthening  your core, legs and lower back. These will help strengthen the areas around your low back and give your body the ability to withstand postures or positions that cause your body pain or discomfort. As a rule of thumb always stay hydrated as well. Dehydration can starve the tissues and not allow the body to circulate like it needs. 

These are only ideas and not all will work for every person. Attempt what you can and try to repeat these at least 3-4 times per week. Any questions send us an email, we would love to hear from you!

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