Let’s talk about Vitamin B Complex

Why do I need Vitamin B Complex?

* Energy  

* Metabolism 

*Muscle Tone Maintenance (especially GI tract)

What foods can I eat with Vitamin B Complex?

*brewers yeast

*liver organ meats

*wheat germ

*whole grains

*yogurt- (synthesizes bacteria needed for the synthesis of B vitamins in the GI tract)

What can I give my kiddos for the best source of B vitamins?

*Yogurt, if your kids don’t like yogurt, try adding granola or fruit, or add it into a smoothie

*Whole grains, try for whole grains that are true whole grains and not processed.

How do I know I need B Complex?

*poor circulation

*appetite loss


*digestive disturbances


*leg muscle tenderness and weakness

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