In the mood for Calcium?

Why do I need Calcium?

*Bone/tooth formation

*Blood Clotting

*Tooth Formation

*Nerve Transmission

*Muscle Growth and Contraction

How can I get Calcium through my diet?

*Green Leafy Vegetables


*Milk and Dairy Products




*Highest: Almonds-1 cup- 325 MG

*American Cheese- 1 slice-200 MG

*Liver beef- 1/4 lb- 500 MG

What can I give my kiddos with Calcium?

*glass of milk or milk with whole grain cereal

*Almonds and nuts in a nut mix

*Grilled Cheese Sandwich

How do I know I need Calcium?

*Brittle Fingernails

*Arm and Leg numbness

*Heart Palpatations


*Muscle Cramps



*Tooth Decay

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