Folic Acid-B Complex

Folic Acid-B Complex

Why do I need Folic Acid?

*Appetite Stimulant

Cell Growth and Reproduction


*DNA and RNA Production

*Protein Metabolism

*Red Blood Cell Production

*Liver Performance

How can I get Folic Acid through my diet?


*cabbage family

*leafy green vegetables

*citrus fruits

*milk products

*spinach (greatest source 250 mcg/1/2 cup)

*salmon (greatest source 870 mcg/1/2 cup)

What can I give my kiddos with Folic Acid?

*An orange or kiwi, or cut up different citrus fruits and put into a fruit salad

*Add spinach, mayo and cheese to a turkey sandwich

How do I know I need Folic Acid?


*Graying Hair

*Growth Problems

*Memory Impairment

*Tongue Inflammation

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